SNPET ICT Policies

This policy applies to all information handling that directly or indirectly uses computer systems PCs, printer, scanner, camera, hardcopy, softcopy, visual presentation, networking, and/or Internet. The policy intends to realize ethical principles of the school and indicates, in general, responsibilities of the user/s who use/s information technology systems, facilities, and other computing resources.

General Lab Ethics

         Bulk printing is not allowed neither teacher or student

         To conduct a non-computer class inside computer lab, appointment must be made with lab incharge

         Sitting in the lab for time-passing of teachers, is not allowed in lab

         Students working without supervision of their teachers are not allowed

         Eatable are not allowed

         Floppies/USB Drives are only allowed with lab-administrator

         Viewing copying material of other teacher with permission is not allowed

         For writing/checking official email, school-domain email addresses will be used

         Lab hardware are property of SNPET, these are not allowed to take away by teachers; headphones, USBs, camera etc.

         Facebook is not be allowed as implied right

ICT Resource Fleet

SNPET arranges and utilizes all cutting edge technology to empower its audience with information handling at its best. Her IT fleet includes the following hardware and software resources:

Hardwar Resources

         Computer Systems PCs

         Sound Speakers



         Large LCDs Projector


         Internet/Networking devices

         Laptops for mobile computing

         TV sets




Software Resources

         MS Windows operating system

         MS Office all document solutions


         Internet Browsers

         Acrobat Reader

         Video Players


         Other necessary software/utilities

Target Audience

At SNPET, the target population directly or indirectly interacting with ICT include the followings:







Functions and Structure of IT Department

In terms of functioning, SNPET segregates its IT department into the following organization hierarchy