IB – MYP in-school workshop “Launching the MYP”

2-days IB – MYP in-school workshop “Launching the MYP”

SNPET- hosted the two day IB Asia Pacific In-School Workshop “Launching The MYP”. This is a mandatory workshop for every MYP School, on January 2-3, 2017 attended by 15 lead teachers for MYP at Sanjan Nagar.

The workshop leader (WSL) was “Mr. Werner Paetzold”. Werner is the Director of Professional Learning at Chadwick International, in Incheon, South Korea. An excellent experienced facilitator-trainer who has served as the MYP and Extended Essay Coordinator at the Canadian International School of Hong Kong from 2012-2016 and as the Curriculum Coordinator and MYP Coordinator at Bali International School from 2007-2012.
The participants were from grades 6-10.

The aims of the workshop were to:

  • Inquire into how the mission and philosophy of the program supports an assessment-driven, learner-centered environment.
  • Explore how the MYP is a framework, designed to help students find a sense of belonging in an ever-changing and increasingly interrelated world.
  • Begin to create conceptually-based and contextually-grounded MYP units that engage student inquiry.
  • Understand that the MYP assessment model is criterion-related and is not intended as a way to compare one student’s progress to another.


Day 1

Agenda points for day 1 were;

  • IB Philosophy
  • International Mindedness
  • Inquiry based learning
  • Inquiry based Teaching

Day 2

Agenda points for day 2 were;

  • MYP Unit Planning Conceptual Understanding
  • MYP global Context and Statement of Inquiry
  • MYP Assessment
  • MYP Authorization

The workshop had wonder features in a sense that it was totally designed on Google docs and all the material was shared with the attendees on school web e-mails. While workshop on both days educators had hands on practice and experienced wonderful learning activities.

The workshop leader addressed all the muddiest points related to MYP unit plan and Assessment that we had shared before the workshop. Our Educators also wished to know about Approaches to Learning and Teaching in details but WSL briefed that these topics are the part of other workshop but showed willingness to share related material with our school Educators.