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Snajan Nagar Public Education Trust Higher Secondary School

PYP Exhibition, 22nd March 2016

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program (PYP) Exhibition represents a significant event in the life of PYP student, combining the essential elements of the PYP and sharing them with the whole school community.

As a culminating experience, this is an opportunity for students to exhibit the attributes of the IB Learner Profile and IB Attitudes that have been developed throughout their time as a PYP student. 

Throughout the PYP Exhibition students are engaged in a collaborative, trans-disciplinary inquiry process that involves identifying, investigating and offering solutions to real life issues or problems.

This year the students of grade five of Sanjan Nagar School have been inquiring into how “Media can influence people's perceptions of events and issues”. Throughout this inquiry process the PYP Exhibition facilitates opportunities for:

  • Students to engage in an in-depth, collaborative inquiry
  • Students to demonstrate independence and responsibility for your own learning
  • Students to explore multiple perspectives
  • Students to synthesise and apply their learning of previous years and reflect upon their journey through the PYP
  • Students to take action as a result of their learning
  • Teachers, parents and other members of the school community to be united in a collaborative experience that incorporates the essential elements of the PYP


  • Students to celebrate the transition from PYP Program to the MYP Program


The planning of the Exhibition started four months ago as all three remaining themes were presented in front of the students and they selected one of them with mutual collaboration.

Trans-disciplinary Theme: How we express ourselves
Central Idea: Media can influence people's perceptions of events and issues
Lines of Inquiry: 

1. Function of media

2. Interpretation of an event or stories

3. Strategies used within media to influence or change people's perception 


The reason behind choosing this issue was that students felt that in current age; media is playing a vital role for making people think deeply and a local tragic incident also happened in Youhanabad from where majority of them belong also prompted them to work on the issue.

Students and teachers planned about different learning strategies that can be used in the inquiry cycle for tuning in, sorting and finding, presenting, reflecting and taking action.


Students started inquiring by unpacking the theme and with two days discussion and dissemination on the issue. There came selection of mentors which is also an important part of PYP Exhibition. The mentors were:

1.      Ms. RaheelaAkram     (School Principal)

2.      Mr. Aamir Yousaf       (Language Resource Person)

3.      Mr. Daniel Eshaq        (PYP Coordinator)

4.      Miss. Nafisa                (Teacher, Masters in Journalism)

5.      Mr. Sajad Kazmi          (Parent, Professional Journalist)  



Ask an Expert

Grade five students had “asked an expert session” with Mr. Shafqat-Ullah, chief editor of a magazine “Hum Shehri”. Students asked many questions on the functions of media and the importance of print media. They inquired on how stories and reports are collected and edited before presenting to public. They also discussed about the print media policies and the guest's views about what he thinks about people’s perception inspired and changed due to media.

The expert also presented few magazines to the children and invited them to write and send him for publishing in the same magazine.  



 As a part of planned activities, Students of grade five also visited FM Radio station 103. There, they met with one of the News editors Mr. Aaun who had an amazing chat with students and answered many of students’ questions too. Students got an opportunity to watch and observed how different pieces of news are collected and aired.


Students wrote a letter to the Minister of Information and Broadcast media in which they focused on the impact of media on people’s perception and they suggested that media should avoid presenting such news which could destroy peace.

Staging-Exhibition Day

Grade five PYP Exhibition was held on 22nd March, 2016. Teachers, parents, a trustee (Mrs.Tasneem Maqbool) and people from other IB candidate schools (City school Lahore, Angels International, Faislabad) were there to see students’ efforts and appreciate them for their learning achievements.

Exhibition Program comprised of the following:

  1. Tape cutting ceremony
  2. National Anthem
  3. Celebration Song
  4. Welcome Note (by students)
  5. Learner Profiles Song
  6. Newspaper Preview
  7. Power point Presentations
  8. Comics Presentations
  9. News Videos Viewing
  10. Classroom Display
  11. Play
  12. Certificates Distribution


The event started with Tape Cutting ceremony by two parents. Two students delivered a welcome speech. A learner profile attributes song was sung by the choir of grade 5. After the song, the guests went on different stations to see the work of the students.

News Paper:

A newspaper was designed by the students in which different updates of Sanjan Nagar School were collected and presented. The pieces of news were about commencement of MYP and Day Care Center.






A group of students prepared and presented some multimedia presentations on the topic of “Media’s influence on society”







A group of students worked on comic making, they made comic of Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. They displayed the comics and shared the story with the audience. Students were pretty confident and parents appreciated them.

News Video:

One group of students captured some video clips within the school and made a news bulletin of it. The news were about PYP Library updates, a talk with MYP Coordinator and Sports Teacher’s Participation in South Asian games, winning a bronze medal.



Role Play:

Role play was presented at the end in which students turned a negative situation into a positive one by showing a conflict first and resolving it at the end. They gave a message of peace and harmony to the viewers.

Certificate Distribution:


The exhibition ended with distribution of certificates. Certificates of participation were distributed for the encouragement of the students who worked really hard. 


Guests’ Feedback: 



Glimpse of the Exhibition


IB-Learner profile song-by Sanjan Nagar Students
We’re Internationally-Minded!
Verse 1

We’re curious and we love to learn.

Knowing the big idea is our concern.

We are responsible and act with honesty.

We show compassion to all our friends.

We truly care for them, it's not pretend.

We can express ourselves and listen carefully.


We know, inquire, and care and we are thinkers.

We’re principled and balanced and risk-takers.

We communicate, reflect, we’re open-minded.

(SNPET): We’re internationally-minded! (x2)

Verse 2 

We use our thinking skills to make decisions. 

We value other cultures and traditions. 

We think about the world and ourselves thoughtfully. 

We balance different aspects of our lives. 

Take care of mind and body, to survive. 

We’re brave and take risks in un-clarity . 


We’re all in this together.

There’s just one human race.

We want to make Earth better, 

to bring peace to this place. 

If not now, then when? 

If not us, then who? 

It’s all up to me and you, you, you!